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I would like to congratulate and thank our first ever Windings Certified Production Trainers! See attached picture of Vicki Versch, Brigid Eichten, Denyse Evers, and Carl Johns with their trainer certificate.

To become a certified trainer means having accomplished many things including having been trained to the Addie Model ( Enterprise MN) as well as the 4 step Job Instruction Method,

practice using these methods and then completing the Windings internal Train the Trainer course. Months of training have been endured!

The certified trainers have spent hours providing their valuable input. We learned together how to incorporate our culture, tribal knowledge, SOP’s, and our skill blocks into this new approach to adult teaching and learning which can be

shared and used not only here but at McCully’s as well.

This is round one of certifying trainers. Thank you to several other employees who have also participated in some of this same training. They will continue to provide valuable input as Operations and the Training Dept evaluate the need/capacity for additional trainers.

The more you know, and when you understand the “Why” …..

Supporting employee growth, skill progression and retention.

Windings Training Dept


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